The Route

Calendar of Events

Below is the present itinerary for the Limo to Africa gang.


Timeline of Events/ Itinerary


Purchase Limo 1. Vegas, Baby!


Take Vegas on numerous test drives through the desert. Give her a tune-up (a/c, suspension, battery, off-road tires, window tinting, etc..). Raise money for our charities (click the charity tab for more details).

November 13

Depart from the West Coast, USA, to NYC.  Need to arrive in NYC by November 19 for party/fundraiser being arranged by our NYC team members and friends.  Send Vegas to London, United Kingdom for pick up by the team in December.

Wednesday December 19

Depart San Francisco with suitcase full of spare motor parts

Thursday December 20

Arrive in London slightly bloated & hung over from drinking too many of those neat mini-vodka bottles. Get act together to fetch Vegas from customs and complete all paperwork

Friday December 21

Depart with Timbuktu Group 3 from UK

Saturday December 22

 Spend night in Paris & evening reception hosted by the Turkish Ambassador

(London-Paris: 289 miles)

Sunday December 23

Spend day in Paris

Monday  December 24

Spend night Mid Point Paris-Bordeaux

Tuesday December 25

Night in Bordeaux (Paris-Bordeaux 584km)

Wednesday December 26

Night in San Sebastian, Bilbao or other sea-side Spanish city (Bordeaux- Bilbao 244km)

Thursday December 27

Night in Madrid , Spain  (San Sebastian-Madrid: 244km)

Friday December 28

Night in Granada/Malaga/Marbella (to pick)

Saturday December 29

Night in Gibraltar

Sunday December 30

Ferry to Morocco with Group Timbuktu 4. Drive to Rabat 173mi.

Monday December 31

New Years Eve in Marrakesh (205km)

Tuesday January 1

Rest Day

Wednesday January 2

Drive to Agadir (172 km)

Thursday January 3

Drive to Laayoune (433km)

Friday January 4

Drive to Dakhla (338km)

Saturday January 5

Drive to Nouadhibou (288km)

Sunday January 6

Rest Day

Monday January 7

Drive into the desert & Overnight Camping (110km)

Tuesday January 8

Continue through the desert, out of the National Park at Noumghar, and part way down the beach. (120km)

Wednesday January 9

Continue down the coast to Nouakchott (93km)

Thursday January 10

Drive to Mbout (335km)

Friday January 11

Drive to Hamoud (146km)

Saturday January 12

Drive to Kayes, entering Mali (175km)

Sunday January 13

Drive to Kita (205km)

Monday January 14

Triumphant arrival in Bamako! (112km)

Tuesday January 15

Wednesday January 16

Thursday January 17

Friday January 18

Saturday January 19

Sunday January 20

Monday January 21

Tuesday January  22

Wednesday January 23

Thursday January 24

Friday January 25