Photo Gallery

This is the original Las Vegas Craiglist add, here. And these are the photos we had when Christian and went to Vegas to pick her up.



This the nice folks we brought the limo from in Vegas, the Cooper family.  Check out the blog for move on that story.


Christian and I drove home in 115 deg heat.  The AC had died so we attempted to improvise something using a bag of ice hung over the fan vents.  All we got was wet.


Some overall pictures of the exterior.  Not too shabby from 50' away.  Not so good up close though.


So far we have done a few trips locally, but the highlight had to be burning man.  We had big plans to make it an art car, that never left the ground but we did drive her up there and cruised around during the early part of the event.  Good times.


We snapped a few photos of the limo around Suna's neighborhood, Potrero Hill, here in San Francisco.


Pretty sweet bumper sticker eh?  Email us if you want one.