Upon arrival in Bamako all of the rally vehicles are auctioned for charity.  Yep, Vegas will be auctioned, and the proceeds will benefit a variety of local projects in Bamako, including a road safety project, a clean drinking water project, and computers for local Bamako schools.  Of course she may not be worth very much by the time we drive her halfway around the planet so we're supplementing this with direct fundraising efforts.

Donations to Vegas

Rule #1 of the Rally, cars must cost less than $200.
Rule #2, the maximum budget for Rally $30.
Oops !
Skipping quickly down to Rule #5, which is "Rules are made to be broken". Phew !
Okay, so we really blew by rules #1 and #2 but are solidly outperforming on rule #5.

Our fundraising efforts are focused on the charity, but following the lead of previous participants, we're asking for cash and in-kind donations to help offset the costs of buying, restoring, shipping and generally making Vegas "desert worthy".

Big thanks so far to all those that have donated including the various repair shops, shippers, and parts stores that have been kind enough to donate services and auto parts.

Please note that these donations are not tax deductable.
Want to be a sponsor?  Contact us below.